Greetings from the President,

 Eel skin fashion accessories
are catching on everywhere with the distinctive looks and feels. The supple texture, appealing sheen, and flexible feel add elegance to the fashion conscious man or woman. The ManSung, known for the attention to style, has created a complete line of hand made eel skin accessories, all amazingly durable. Each piece features the same luxurious feel as leather with the distinctive pattern that sets eel skin apart.

 Our skilled craftsmen use only the finest eel skin to create unsurpassed products in quality and beauty. Choose from a wide selection of handsome wallets and belts, attractive attaché cases and a wide selection of stylish purses and hand luggage for the lady. We have a large supply of eel skin accessories and the biggest raw material factory for eel skin panels in Korea.

 We specialize in quick delivery and high quality products, even at a short notice, and the most competitive price anywhere.

 Make your move to ManSung eel skin this season.
 We guarantee your satisfaction.

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ManSung Aquatic products Corp.          
WonSub Im